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The stall is on, the cinema is open, when will the tourism business resume? !

Date: 2020-06-07

Since entering June, all industries affected by the epidemic have basically recovered. The cinema and KTV are open for business, and even the previously banned night market stalls have been allowed to reopen.

However, the travel agency's cross-provincial travel business is like a forgotten corner, so far there is no news. Facing the current predicament of the industry, millions of tourism practitioners can no longer sit still! They all said:

The stalls in the night market have been arranged. When can the travel agency's cross-provincial tour be arranged? If we don't recover, we all have to set up stalls for tourism.

The cinema opened, and the stall was put on

On May 8th, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Outbreak and the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak":

In accordance with the relevant technical guidelines, on the premise of implementing the prevention and control measures, fully open shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other living places; take appointments, limit flow and other methods to open parks, tourist attractions, sports venues, libraries, museums, art galleries Such as indoor venues, as well as closed theaters, entertainment halls and other closed entertainment places, can hold all kinds of necessary conferences, exhibitions, etc.

A piece of news from the State Council excites tens of thousands of theaters that are experiencing the cold winter and are hit by the epidemic!

Just as movie theaters around the world were preparing to open for business, news of the legalization of stalls burst into people's circle of friends.

Recently, the Central Civilization Office made it clear that this year will no longer include the occupation of roads and other behaviors as the content of civilized city assessment, in order to promote the restoration of economic and social order and meet the needs of the people’s lives.

It was so sudden that the spring breeze came overnight, and thousands of households set up stalls.

When will the interprovincial tour recover? !

Looking at the movie theaters and night market stalls that have been arranged, millions of Chinese travel agency employees are like ants on the hot pot.

Movie theaters, KTV and night market stalls are all arranged. When will our cross-provincial tour business be arranged? !

Lao Li, who runs the ground connection business in Xinjiang, said:

Compared with closed indoor spaces such as movie theaters and KTV, is tourism at least an open outdoor activity? Compared with the stalls in the night market, the degree of tourist gathering is at least much lower? But why is there no news yet on the restoration of inter-provincial tourism?

When we do tourism, we also understand that the destination that the country does is to boost the economy and ease people's economic pressure because of the epidemic. However, should relevant departments also care about the millions of travel agency practitioners who have no income for several months?

To meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the travel agency has suspended all operations, and we have actively cooperated. Now many areas have been cleared for almost a month, and these areas are already equipped to resume cross-provincial travel.

If you don’t recover, you will have to set up a booth

Zhang Xin is the person in charge of an outbound travel agency in Zhengzhou. After more than ten years of hard work, he finally made his own world in the tourism industry.

If it were not for this year's epidemic, Zhang Xin's travel agency could make a profit of at least 1 million this year. Who would have wanted to work hard for more than ten years, but was beaten back to "before liberation" by an epidemic.

During the Spring Festival, Zhang Xin lost nearly 600,000 due to a large number of temporary unsubscriptions. In front of the loss and the customer, Zhang Xin chose the customer and silently assumed nearly 600,000 losses.

Compared with the loss of unsubscribing, the business suspension period of more than four months made Zhang Xin worry more. Although the employees only paid basic wages after the epidemic, the salaries of more than 20 employees plus office costs still cost nearly 100,000 yuan per month.

For Zhang Xin, not only the camp was recovered before the liberation, but the business was also returned to before the liberation.

Before that, Zhang Xin had been digging deep in outbound travel, rarely involving peripheral travel and domestic travel. However, according to the current form, I am afraid that the outbound travel has not played for the past two years.

In desperation, Zhang Xin had to readjust his business organization and began to lean towards peripheral and domestic travel that he was not good at.

Hearing the country’s recovery of the stall economy, Zhang Xin said with a bitter smile: The travel agency’s business will not resume, and those of us who do tourism must really go to the stalls.

Call for the restoration of inter-provincial travel as soon as possible

Whether it is Lao Li who is doing land pick-up in Xinjiang or Zhang Xin who is making an outbound tour in Zhengzhou, their plight is also the current status of millions of travel agency practitioners in China.

At present, everyone is hotly discussing that the epidemic has changed the way people travel, and more and more people are starting to choose their own travel and customize their travel.

However, no matter what kind of travel method, for the travel agency, the main business is not restoring everything. No matter how good the product is, the price is cheaper, as long as the business does not resume, there is no way.

In May, there was a crazy news in the tourism circle that the domestic tourism business resumed in June, but there is still no news until now.

Today, the restaurant is open, the cinema and KTV are open, and the night market stalls are also arranged. Call on relevant departments to arrange the restoration of cross-provincial tourism as soon as possible.