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'Art hotel' cloud up a new way of doing things

Date: 2019-03-22

There are a lot of people live in the hotel may feel hotel design, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, guest room decorate a neat new, but always feel some details lack of novelty and resonance.It is not guests are too picky, but just need to culture and art as a guest, are budding.

Caused by the wind, the art with the hotel's binary relation in continuous chemical reaction, find a new point, the industry generally believe that this is also break the competition of the new choice of hotel homogeneity forms.However, art hotel market prospect as well as in legend?

Yesterday, the reporter conducted a about "the art hotel, travel is a new alternative?"Questionnaires, 111 questionnaires survey based on recycling, more than 50% of users focus on hotel art theme and design feeling, 70% of respondents said "willing to try the local characteristic culture theme hotel".

To break down the altars "art hotel" cognition, connected to enrage

Beth publishing co., LTD., and published in 2009 his book art hotel, so define art hotel: it was sold on the basis of contemporary art, into the modern elements in the design, make hotel art when Jane, fastidious, far beyond its functional design.Screened in the book of famous hotel in 24 present top art and design, which have strong characteristics of modernism, national wind, classical wind art hotel, its itself is more like a work of art.

A decade later, art hotel is no longer the "luxury" standing at the top of the trend of the pyramid, with the integration innovation art with the hotel at the industry level, art hotel to multiple levels of development has become the trend of The Times.Budapest hotel is not as good as the movie "the magnificent momentum, but small beauty, art enrich in the level and type of the hotel.

In ctrip travel online, although only 11 to hangzhou hotel of the "art hotel" label, but the inline knows, art hotel, the home stay facility in various sectors of the city.According to the theme is different, can be divided into the film art, painting, art, history and culture, urban characteristics, such as architectural design, new restaurants, sink to the ancient city of home stay facility, one place boutique hotel, hangzhou huanglong hotel is a typical representative of the arts and culture theme hotel hangzhou.

The theme of the hotel standard way of doing mode of new routines

Before the Chinese lunar New Year this year, the Terra Cotta Warriors in xian theme hotel, manzhouli port dolls total review of the theme hotel, the universe Wen Zong changsha m li international hotel brand in the holy land can culture art hotel, with a strange smell during travels to the marketing style of the connotation of popular network.Of the discussion, the consumer can't help but question: they are art hotel?

Zhijiang in zhejiang university of technology institute of CTS, dean of the school of xue-song liang believes that "in terms of broad sense, the Terra Cotta Warriors theme hotel hotel and so on, the theme of the dolls can also belong to the art hotel, through this novel design style and theme positioning, in the controversial, and inspired to see consumers mentality".Hotel, he said, art is geared to the needs of the market, style and function in different orientation, directly determines the type it is slowly but surely, or type of way of doing things.

If cultural theme hotel in hangzhou, he thought, according to the hierarchy, can be divided into primary, intermediate and advanced, the most primary art is art as hotel adornment, the operator only regard it as a mode of operation, do not focus on work idea resonates with the hotel's values, and a high level of art hotel, is the culture and art into the hotel run industrial chain, process, art and the hotel can help from each other, each other.

Hasty perfunctory or Turkey simmer?Different stages of consumer market choice

For now, China's hotel industry into an unprecedented era of gold at the same time, also is full of competition "the warring states period," art and hotel to can make both stand out?

A reporter for the art hotel, travel is a new alternative?"The topic of a questionnaire on a small scale, eventually there are 40 men and 71 women participate in the survey, respondents aged 18 to 60 years old.Under the big background of the era of mass tourism, 38 people surveyed said art never stay in a hotel, the hotel and said art is not travel first choice, only 27.03% of respondents believe that art can become the first choice of hotel, hotel more than 5 into the respondents to hotel service quality as a preferred hotel;In the choice of the theme in art hotel, popular index from high to low in turn is the city features theme, artistic and cultural theme, painting art theme, theme and celebrity culture theme movie art.

Go out six things, ChiZhuXing tour for entertainment.Hangzhou home stay facility industry association secretary-general He Jidi admitted that in the tourism market, accommodation in the second important position, travelers first focus on service quality and comfort, followed by the needs of the spiritual culture, which is art hotel does not generally become hot style one of the key factors.

Turkey simmer, can reflect true taste.He Jidi said, standing in the Angle of investors, whether boutique hotel or to the home stay facility in recent years, under the demands of the pursuit of high returns, investors are not willing to try the Turkey simmer "cooked", that most flaunt "cultural arts" background of the hotel, is still in its infancy, cultural theme is just on the hardware design of simple pile or hasty perfunctory, not to mention the new spark could be collision between operators and guests.

"Of course, this is just a stage when hotel passengers for culture and art call of more intense, the art of high-level hotel nature can take advantage of an opportunity to stand out.He Jidi said.